Do you make assumptions about things?  For example, do you look at the way someone is dressed and form a preconceived notion about what they do for a living?  I am not sure if it is faulty programming or purely human nature that causes us to jump to conclusions.    While some assumptions can be relatively harmless, we can unintentionally devalue others based on these quick judgements.  Because I believe in treating others the way I wish to be treated, I work hard at eliminating assumptions from my thought processes.

In the clinical realm, it is absolutely critical to question everything and analyze the results of your inquiry.  Doctor’s cannot diagnose without testing and labs to give them necessary input.  Nurses, therapists and other health care professionals must use the same critical thinking to guide their approaches as well.  If you have a patient who confides in you that they use Attends Pads, you must attempt to gather all of the details of their symptoms.  This should serve as a guide when providing treatment  so that you can assist your client with any difficulties they may be experiencing related to their incontinence

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