No one likes to feel isolated and alone.  Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely times when I need absolute quiet to sort out my thoughts and emotions.  As a general rule, however, I think we all derive some comfort in knowing that others share our perspective or understand our specific difficulties in life.  There is strength in numbers, right?  I have certainly seen the benefit of camaraderie in clinics where clients with incontinence discuss their concerns with peers.  They cheer each other on through the most difficult struggles and sometimes make lasting connections with folks who become close friends.

The care and support of family, friends and caregivers is also important to the success of an incontinence management program.  Bariatric clients who undergo surgery for weight reduction are often frustrated by having to use  bariatric diapers.  For many, it is  one in a list of multiple hurdles for them to overcome.  With love and support from family, friends, and peers, these hurdles turn into attainable goals which contribute to the overall successful outcome.  Never underestimate the power of positivity!

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