McKesson brand adult diapers and protective underwear are a cost-effective and reliable solution for incontinence needs. McKesson is a company which specializes in medical supplies and incontinence products with over 180 years of service to the health care industry. McKesson Medical-Surgical is seriously committed to meeting the needs of customers and caregivers and is a trusted name in the incontinence supply industry. Features its own line of incontinence control products which provide effective incontinence control without putting a dent in your wallet. Incontinence Supplies are commonly found in many clinical settings because of the outstanding quality and reliability.  However, they cannot be purchased at retail stores.   At Incontinence Supplies Plus, we are pleased to feature an array of underwear products for both men and women. We have male adult diapers, male underwear, female adult diapers, women’s incontinence underwear,  latex gloves, wet wipes, and much more. At Incontinence Supplies Plus, we offer McKesson brand products to meet our goal of promoting a healthy, confident, and independent lifestyle.

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