When you go to the store to buy groceries or the mall to buy a new suit, you have multiple options to choose from.  We love to have options!  Often, our selection is influenced by our needs and what will best meet those needs.  Adults with incontinence can have very unique circumstances which complicate the selection of the best absorbent product. These individual circumstances can make it hard to select products based solely on advice from friends and practitioners.

Finding the best incontinence products requires you to prioritize your specific needs.  Then you must also be prepared to go through a little trial and error.  The trial and error period can be frustrating but is worth the effort.  Keep an incontinence journal to record your daily experiences with leakage and contributing factors. After a couple of weeks, you will have enough detail to understand what your greatest needs are so you can weed out incontinence products which don’t match up.  This will save you time and money when selecting a product.

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