There are times when it is best just to listen.  We all face difficulties in life and it is helpful sometimes just to get things off of our chest.  We want others to know what life is like from our perspective and why we are unhappy.  Sometimes we want to point the finger of blame.  In working with clients and in my personal life, this is usually where I draw the line.  I know from my own experience, that it feels good to place the blame on someone else, and sometimes this is absolutely justified.   However,  I know in my heart that I have to take at least part ownership for the tough times in life.

Being accountable is a hard lesson for everyone.  I often have clients who express their displeasure and frustration in failed attempts to manage their incontinence.  For example, combining  incontinence liners  can work well if you use the right products.  It can also be disastrous if you use the wrong ones.  Each time disaster strikes, I remind clients to read product labels and do their “homework”.  In this way, they are working to be accountable for their own health.

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