Most of us are creatures of habit and do not like to be pushed out of our comfort zone.  My sister is a perfect example of someone who definitely does not like change.  She will literally worry herself sick when faced with change.  Regardless of whether or not the change is better for her in the long run, her fear of the unknown can completely drain her mental, physical and emotional energies.

Because of changing symptoms, some of my clients are confronted with making a change from incontinence pads to incontinence panties.  While this may seem like a minor detail for us, there are some ladies who almost refuse to make this transition.  Their reluctance is usually based in the fear that others will find out about their incontinence because the undergarment may be seen through their clothing.  One way to overcome this fear is to ease in to the transition.  Plan to replace the pads with panties just one day a week when no appointments or social meetings are scheduled.  On this day, make time to identify clothing that work with the panties.   After a couple of successful trial runs, most clients realize that they should have made the transition long ago.

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