Tranquility ThinLiner Absorbent Sheets


Tranquility ThinLiner Absorbent Sheets



Tranquility ThinLiner Absorbent Sheets

The Tranquility ThinLiner is treated with Tranquility Antimicrobial and Antifungal Protection on both sides which inhibits the growth of microorganisms while preserving an indeal environment on the product for skin integrity.  The flow-through sheets are thin, soft, 100% breathable and have a highly absorbent core.  The ThinLIners are ideal for moisture management in skin folds, groin and under breasts.  Absorb moisture from exudate, around g-tube, ostomy bag, urniary/fecal incontinence, etc.

ThinLiner 610 = 6″ X 10″; Bag = 25 ThinLiners; Case = 200 ThinLiners

ThinLiner 714 = 7″ X 14 “; Bag = 25 ThinLiners;  Case = 100 ThinLIners

ThinLiner 2022 = 20″ X 22”; Bag = 25 ThinLiners; Case = 100 ThinLiners

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ThinLiner 610, ThinLiner 714, ThinLiner 2022

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