TENA Women Pull On Incontinence Underwear


Tena Women Adult Pull On Absorbent Underwear Incontinence for Women



TENA® Women™ Adult Incontinence Underwear for Heavy Absorbency

The Tena Women Pull On Underwear provides advance leakage protection  with super-absorbent microbeads built in. These adult incontinence pants also provide a new fit and core width between the legs which allows fluid to move away from the body and across core-enhancing leakage protection.  Other features include:

  • Cottony-soft material for maximum comfort and discretion
  • Total coverage for  heavy leaks
  • Advanced odor protection ph-balanced to fight odors
  • Modern design to fit and feel like everyday underwear
  • Body hugging fabric for protection that stays in place


  • Small/Medium: Fits 29″ to 40″ waist
  • Large: Fits 40″ to 50″ waist
  • X-Large: Fits 48″ to 64″ waist


  • Small/Medium: Bag = 18 Disposable Underwear; Case = 72 Disposable Underwear
  • Large: Bag = 16 Disposable Underwear; Case = 64 Disposable Underwear
  • X-Large: Bag = 14 Disposable Underwear; Case = 56 Disposable Underwear

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