I have worked with several clients lately who have long-standing issues with incontinence related to a variety of chronic or progressive health problems.  These clients have been through the gamut as far as trying  different treatment interventions for incontinence and a multitude of different incontinence products.  Working in a support group for adult incontinence  these folks can share from their own personal experiences.  They also benefit from hearing the insights and experiences of others facing similar challenges.  Each participant usually takes away at least one new strategy they can use to tame their incontinence symptoms if/when changes or challenges arise.

One important point that bears repeating is that you can often get a sample of products like Tranquility Briefs for a very small fee.   This is important for those who are unable to find a product in stores which works well for them, but they are unsure of spending money on a more expensive product like Tranquility.  In this way, you can “try it before you buy it” and be sure you are making the right adjustments to your incontinence management program.

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